Bobcat keeps hunting the decoy!

Check out this bobcat we called in during the late morning while on a guided predator hunt: It’s amazing how focused this bobcat was on hunting our decoy even after the sound to the predator call was turned off.  The first shot didn’t bother him one bit, in fact he just kept hunting!  The hunter […]

Coyote Calling Keys to Increase Success

Watch as a pair of coyotes come in fast to a distress sound while on one of our guided coyote calling hunts. The hunter misses the back coyote, but then makes a follow up shot on the 2nd coyote, after the guide gets him to stop.   Coyotes are surely some of the smartest animals on […]

Guided Coyote Hunts in Arizona

Coyote calling is without a doubt one of the funnest & most challenging hunts in the world.  Coyotes are known for being crafty & very adaptable.   They approach the call in many different ways, from circling the down wind at a mile, to sometimes attacking the call, even if it means jumping into a cactus. […]