Coyotes Take Down Mule Deer #Killer Footage

The Tines Up Crew films a family group of coyotes taking down a mule deer.  It’s an amazing battle and VERY similar to the wolves taking down the moose calf we posted a few weeks back.

Many of you might be angry after watching this video, but it’s nothing to get upset about. Coyotes & Wolves are born killers!  They are extremely good at it, especially in family or pack groups.

Yes, predators need to be managed.  Coyotes & wolves have to be hunted, but it must be regulated.

Killer video Eric!

Coyote/Predator Calling Video

The number #1 Coyote/Predator Calling video online!   I am not sure how it happened, but it did.

The footage of the coyote being called in the snow was taken on a business trip.  This coyote was less than 1/4 mile off of a main highway and came in hard to the call.

This predator calling footage brought a ton of debate and comments to the Youtube video.  I eventually had to turn off the comments when it got too ugly.

Many so-called predator calling experts were angry because they felt a .22mag was a horrible weapon to shoot a coyote with.  I disagree, even though it’s not my first choice.  With that said, I would not shoot a coyote over 60 yards with this load.

If the critics would watch the next video they would see a coyote being killed with the EXACT same gun & load.

These same arm chair quarterbacks thought the coyote was shot in the chest.


The coyote escaped with only a pierced ear.   The coyote ran back to his home territory and lived to kill another day.

The only problem ethically with this video was Chris had not shot this gun.

Coyote/Predator Calling Video