Bobcat Hunting Outfitters

Ian Chappel came out to Arizona again to get a bobcat.
Ian Chappel came out to Arizona again to get a bobcat.

We are one of the PREMIER daylight Bobcat Hunting Outfitters, because of our experience, knowledge, hard-work & geographical location.

I want to go on a guided bobcat hunt, what can I expect?

It’s very unrealistic to successfully take a bobcat on a 1 day hunt, so a 2-3 day bobcat guided hunt is recommended.  It would be our goal to call-in at least 1 bobcat during a 2-3 day bobcat hunting trip. If you want to specifically take a bobcat, expect 10-12 bobcat stands in a day.    Each stand we will be getting a 1/4 mile to 3 miles from the truck, so it can be a bit more physically demanding than a normal predator hunt.

How often do your hunters take a bobcat?

We have called in 18 bobcats in 3 years of us being a bobcat hunting outfitter.  Multiple times we have called in 2 bobcats in a given day, but we have had a few trips where we didn’t call in any.  Our hunters successfully killed 6 bobcats out of 18 called in with clients, with multiple shot opportunities.

Despite the misconceptions, bobcats are not harder than coyotes to call-in, there are just less of them when compared to coyote populations.   Unlike, most bobcat hunting guides, we do not hunt them at night.  We hunt them during the day, which in our opinion, is a much more exciting and challenging hunt.

How many bobcats can I shoot?

In Arizona, bobcat hunting is restricted by a season, which typically runs from September thru March.  Bobcats numbers are managed by the Arizona Game & Fish Department & currently there is no bag limit, while they are in season.

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