Rok-Stedi Hunting Gear

Predator Hunting Bipod

After many years of seeing predator hunters showing up with subpar hunting bipods we now have a bipod that we are proud to recommend. This hunting bipod is designed & built for long range prone shooting as well as steep side slope seated shots. Rok-Stedi Hunting Gear, LLC was founded by Craig Steele, which is […]

Rob’s First Shotgun Coyote

Rob Orgel of ER Tactical came out to hunt with us on another guided predator hunt & was able to take is first coyotes with his shotgun. Watch the exciting action as Rob calmly puts his semi auto shotgun to work! Check-out Emergency Response Tactical for more on Rob.

Calling in x4 Coyotes

This was one of the last stands of Percy’s 2020 guided predator hunt with us. We heard a group of coyotes respond to our coyote vocals early in the stand. Five minutes into the stand we caught a coyote circling 500 yards out, thus we switched to bird & rodent sounds. Shortly there after we […]