Best Predator Hunting Bipod


As professional predator hunting guides we get the chance to see & use all sorts of predator hunting gear.  Outside of your predator hunting rifle, shotgun & calls the most critical piece of gear is a stable shooting platform. While tripods work great for standing & night vision hunting, we have found the best predator hunting bipods for seated daytime hunting are the ROKSTEDi P234 & P242.  

The biggest downfall with most tradtional hunting bipods are they are not tall enough when sitting on side hills or stools.  ROKSTEDi’s standard bipod (P234)comes in at 5″ taller than than the traditional hunting bipods on the market while weighing in at an amazing 18.5 ounces.

If you are a taller hunter & you do a lot of predator hunting from the seated position we would recomend ROKSTEDi’s P242.  This hunting bipod has an amazing height at 42 inches from the ground while weighing in at 19.3 ounces.

The ROKSTEDi bipods not only have unmatched weight-to-height ratios, they also were built for stability.  The bipods allow hunters to have a stable shooting platform from prone, sitting & kneeling postions.  These bipods are quick detachable & allow hunters to adjust for varying terrain & their pan/tilt functions allow you to tracking moving predators much easier than a standard bipod.