Bobcat Hunting in Arizona

Percy with his Arizona Bobcat!
Percy with his Arizona Bobcat!

Bobcat hunting is one of the most rewarding & challenging predator hunts you can take on.  Many novice predator hunters will go decades & perhaps an entire hunting career without ever calling in a bobcat.   It’s a huge accomplishment to take a bobcat that has come to the call, especially during the daylight.

Most Bobcat Hunting Outfitters use hounds or hunt them at night.  These 2 bobcat hunting tactics offer challenges in themselves, but nothing beats seeing a big old tom bobcat approach the call during the middle of the day.  Calling a bobcat in during daylight hours is simply a surreal feeling & huge hunting accomplishment.

Check-out some of the bobcats we have called in during the day in this short video clip:


The perception has been established that calling bobcats in during the middle of the day is almost impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth, if we are talking about bobcat hunting.  We strive to put the hunters who book a bobcat guided hunt with us, in position to witness a bobcat approaching the call during the middle of the day.

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