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First Arizona Coyote for Brad

Brad & Sam came out to Arizona to hunt predators with us in October. Despite being a little warm for calling predators they had a great predator hunting trip, which included 5 coyotes coming to call & 4 grey foxes!

Watch as Brad takes his first Arizona Coyote!

Coyote Calling Keys to Increase Success

Watch as a pair of coyotes come in fast to a distress sound while on one of our guided coyote calling hunts. The hunter misses the back coyote, but then makes a follow up shot on the 2nd coyote, after the guide gets him to stop.


Coyotes are surely some of the smartest animals on the planet, but they are not humans. Coyotes don’t know exactly what a gun shot is, however they are typically scared of loud noises & humans. Occasionally, coyotes will hold after a shot has been fired & sometimes you can even call them back in.

Keys to increasing your coyote hunting success rate:

  1. Make the first shot count.
  2. If you miss 1 coyote, don’t quit calling & do NOT panic.
  3. Refocus on the next coyote & make it count.
  4. Stay quite until you are sure NO more coyotes are coming or are in the area.

When you book a predator hunt with us, you not only get to enjoy the Arizona Desert & calling predators, you get a chance to hunt with some of the most experienced predator hunters in the world.

Coyote using the wind & cover

This is an example of how quick a big old coyote can get to the call and use the wind and cover to evade you.

We were able to get into this are and leave everything out in front of us undisturbed. With in a minute or two, we had this big male loping in. Unfortunately, the big coyote faded toward the wind and cover before we realized we should have stopped the coyote out in front of us.

Once the coyote exposed himself, he caught us moving and used the cover to retreat to safety and the wind.

Always make a mental note of where the wind is taking your scent when calling coyotes. If you have cover on on the windward side, do NOT let a coyote get near the edge of the cover.