What do coyotes see?

Nobody really knows exactly what animals can see but we obviously know K9s can see some color. Studies show that K9s see a smaller color spectrum than we humans do. While we see the world with a vast arrangement of colors, coyotes only see the yellow & blue color spectrum according to multiple studies.


Image Source: SC Psychological Ltd

Assumptions are made that K9s see every other color as shades of grey. This leads us to the conclusion that you should probably stay away from Blue or Yellow colors when you are going coyote calling. Red & Orange colors are typically ok & look like a shade of grey to coyotes. K9s are also considered near sighted when compared to a humans 20/20 vision. The majority of K9s have 20/75 vision & some even worse. So this means coyotes see at 20 feet what we humans can see at 75 feet. Cats are said to have even worse eyesight with around 20/100 vision. Coyotes have unreal peripheral vision which covers around 260 degrees, while cats are near 200 & humans are 180 degrees. This is why movement is critical when calling coyotes, they can pick up movement well before they can identify you sitting still in the wide open with no camouflage.

K9s & cats can both see excellent at night when compared to humans. According to many experts they can see up to x7 better than humans when it comes to low light scenarios. So the next time you think you are being sneaky by going into your first stand in the dark, you would probably be better served walking in when it’s light enough to see.

If you are planning a predator hunting trip keep in mind, these creatures see the world in a totally different perspective. Often humans tend to humanize animals & make hunting decisions based on our points of view & not based on science.

Coyote using the wind & cover

This is an example of how quick a big old coyote can get to the call and use the wind and cover to evade you.

We were able to get into this are and leave everything out in front of us undisturbed. With in a minute or two, we had this big male loping in. Unfortunately, the big coyote faded toward the wind and cover before we realized we should have stopped the coyote out in front of us.

Once the coyote exposed himself, he caught us moving and used the cover to retreat to safety and the wind.

Always make a mental note of where the wind is taking your scent when calling coyotes. If you have cover on on the windward side, do NOT let a coyote get near the edge of the cover.

Coyote Hunting Outfitters?

We are a little bit more than just a Coyote Hunting Outfitter.  

We  generally hunt 3 species of predators: Coyote, Gray Fox & Bobcat.  Depending upon the client, we cater how we call or what we hunt for.

Coyote hunting is our passion and we strive to be the best Coyote Hunting Outfitter in the business.  We take hunters out who both want to learn and want the experience of calling coyotes.