First Arizona Coyote for Brad

Brad & Sam came out to Arizona to hunt predators with us in October. Despite being a little warm for calling predators they had a great predator hunting trip, which included 5 coyotes coming to call & 4 grey foxes! Watch as Brad takes his first Arizona Coyote!

Coyote Calling Keys to Increase Success

Watch as a pair of coyotes come in fast┬áto a distress sound while on one of our guided coyote calling hunts. The hunter misses the back coyote, but then makes a follow up shot on the 2nd coyote, after the guide gets him to stop.   Coyotes are surely some of the smartest animals on […]

Coyote Calling in Arizona

Recently, a few of our guided predator hunts were featured on‘s #HuntForMore Video series. Check-out the coyote calling action in Arizona below: