Mountain Lion Guided Hunts

We are now offering a limited amount of Guided Mountain Lion Hunt(s)

These are 100% Mountain Lion Calling Hunts! 

  • 3 day 1 Hunter Price=$1,350
  • 4 day 1 Hunter Price=$1,800
  • 5 day 1 Hunter Price=$2,250 
  • Trophy fee if you kill a lion=$1,750

Total hunt cost for a 3 day Mt. Lion guided hunt if you kill a Mt. Lion:  $3,100 (3 day hunt cost + Kill Fee)

More details:

  • 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required to reserve hunt dates
  • Check, Money Order, Debit Card & Credit Cards excepted
  • Lodging is not included in the flat daily rate.  Hunters typically stay at a hotel in Kingman, AZ.  
  • We will provide drinks (water & sports drinks), but your meals are not provided in the pricing.
  • Transportation to & from the airport is not included in pricing, but can be provided for $300.
  • Transportation to & from the field is included. 
  • Trophy skinning is included in price.
  • Meat & Hide shipping is not included in price. 
  • Hunting licenses are not included in price, see below or email for details.

Mount Lion calling hunts are truly a challenge but they are one of the most rewarding hunting adventures you could ever embark on!   Hunters must remain pass on numerous animals & be prepared to put in several miles of hiking each day.  Please watch the below video which will give you an idea of what you might encounter on a mountain lion calling hunt.

Mountain Lion Hunting  License & Permit costs are listed below:

Arizona Resident

  • Mountain Lion Nonpermit-tag = $15
  •  General Hunting = $37

Arizona Non-resident

  •  Mountain Lion Nonpermit-tag = $75
  • Hunting License = $160

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