Lip Squeak Calling Coyotes-Scouting

I was out scouting the other day and I could not resist.  Lip Squeaks are very effective on predators, if the situation is right.   Lip Squeak Calling Coyotes

Coyote Calling SOLO

Coyote calling can be very challenging, but trying to do it without a partner and film it, is even more of a challenge.  Coyote Calling SOLO with FoxPro

Calling in Coyotes-Quadruple!!!

We had the chance to do some pre-hunting scouting this past month.  Sometimes you learn more about your prey when you take your time and observe.  At day break I heard a family group of coyotes from over a mile away.  I glassed the area, but they were just out of sight from me. I […]