Coyote/Predator Calling Video

The number #1 Coyote/Predator Calling video online!   I am not sure how it happened, but it did.

The footage of the coyote being called in the snow was taken on a business trip.  This coyote was less than 1/4 mile off of a main highway and came in hard to the call.

This predator calling footage brought a ton of debate and comments to the Youtube video.  I eventually had to turn off the comments when it got too ugly.

Many so-called predator calling experts were angry because they felt a .22mag was a horrible weapon to shoot a coyote with.  I disagree, even though it’s not my first choice.  With that said, I would not shoot a coyote over 60 yards with this load.

If the critics would watch the next video they would see a coyote being killed with the EXACT same gun & load.

These same arm chair quarterbacks thought the coyote was shot in the chest.


The coyote escaped with only a pierced ear.   The coyote ran back to his home territory and lived to kill another day.

The only problem ethically with this video was Chris had not shot this gun.

Coyote/Predator Calling Video

1 1/2 Day AZ Predator Hunt

1 1/2 Hunt
Mike & I with our results from 17 stands on a 1 1/2 Hunt in Northern Arizona.  (Rick & Cash Collins also pictured.)

I had the chance to enter into a “real” predator contest/hunt this weekend, with my partner Mike Collins.  My work schedule and family obligations don’t provide me with very many opportunities to lace my boots up and tear up my tires for my own personal calling pleasure, but for this hunt, I have made an exception for the past 3 years.

Mike and I have done pretty well over the past 3 years.  We have killed a total of 17 coyotes and called in 33 on this hunt.  Honestly, this is because of years of experience, scouting, hardwork and a little bit of luck.  This year we only called in 7 coyotes, but considering I had to leave Mike in the field in order to coach my daughter’s youth basketball team Saturday, I felt okay with finishing 3rd out of 92 teams.  I am horribly competitive when it comes to predator calling, so please forgive me if I sound arrogant.  I try not too, but when you work your tail off you have a sense of pride when you see consistent positive results.

Once again the moral to the story…

Scouting and Hardwork is the ONLY way to increase your odds when predator hunting.  Every time I go predator hunting I learn something new & leave with NEW questions to answer.

This contest is a memorial hunt dedicated to one of the best predator hunters I have ever met.  I am not going to post his name or the name of the contest because I don’t want some bleeding hearts to destroy this great event.