Wolves kill Moose

Let me first say, this is how the creator made the wild.   This is how REAL and harsh it is in the wild.  Animals are not humans, nor will they ever be.  Wolves are creatures that KILL for a living.  If they don’t kill and kill often, they die.   They don’t care who or what they kill.  They don’t COUNT or make spread sheets to keep track of calf-to-cow ratios. 

This is sad, but it’s how it works in the wild.  Wolves are not your friends, nor is the moose.  We have to manage the wolves and other predators, because we are their keepers.  We are the ones who God gave the intelligence to make sound predator management decisions. 

At one point, we did almost kill the wolves to extinction in the lower 48, but I think we are smarter than that now. I think we need wolves, but we need to hunt them in order to keep them around and have a balanced wildlife ecosystem.