His first Predator called-in!

Tom & Mike recently went on a 2 day guided predator hunt with us in Arizona. On the first day, Tom took this bobcat which came into the call. Many predator hunters will go a lifetime without taking a bobcat and Tom did it on his the first day of his guided predator hunt. Awesome! […]

Guided Coyote Hunts

The majority of our guided coyote hunts take place from November through March. Occasionally, as a coyote hunting outfitter that enjoys teaching we will do guided coyote hunts later in the year. These are typically slower paced coyote hunts, so we can walk the coyote hunters through the steps of calling coyotes.   How you […]

Predator Hunts short highlight reel…

We don’t film every predator hunt or stand we make, but here is a short highlight reel of some of the more recent guided predator hunt moments we caught on film.