17 Coyotes on a 2 day Guided Hunt!

Despite 20-3o mile per hour winds on the first day of their 2 day guided predator hunt,  Kyle & Jimmy managed to take 8 coyotes!  It wasn’t the most ideal conditions, in fact we definitely exceeded our expectations for the day. After day 1 ended the looming storm front pushed over & laid down some […]

Coyote using the wind & cover

This is an example of how quick a big old coyote can get to the call and use the wind and cover to evade you. We were able to get into this are and leave everything out in front of us undisturbed. With in a minute or two, we had this big male loping in. […]

Predator Calling **peek-a-boo

A few days ago, we called-in our 4th bobcat of the season.  This big tom bobcat came in during a very windy day, but we set-up right on top of him.  Leath was able to make a great shot, as this bobcat played peek-a-boo with us.