His first Predator called-in!

Tom & Mike recently went on a 2 day guided predator hunt with us in Arizona. On the first day, Tom took this bobcat which came into the call. Many predator hunters will go a lifetime without taking a bobcat and Tom did it on his the first day of his guided predator hunt. Awesome! […]

Guided Southwest Predator Hunts

We are now booking predator hunts for the 2012 & 2013 season. Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions on pricing or hunting specifics. We are unique because we cater our hunting style to the desire of our clients. If you have 3 days and you want to specifically target […]

Predator Calling Bobcat, Fox & Coyote Hunting in the Southwest

Here is a one day predator calling adventure in the Southwest Desert. We set out with intent to call in a mix of grey foxes & bobcats. We can’t say enough about being able to read the terrain & other dynamics, in order to help isolate what type of predators you want to call. If […]