Predator Hunting Season is just picking up.

December is upon us in 2015, and we have had a very successful year, but the Predator Hunting Season is actually just getting into full swing!  We have had numerous windy and wet conditions during the month of November & December thus far.  This has made for slow days 0-3 predators called in during 25+mph […]

2015/16 Predator Hunt Booking Now Open

We are now booking for the 2015/16 Predator Hunting Season! Last season we called-in over 50 coyotes, 15 grey fox, 7 bobcats & 1 mtn. lion while hunting with clients (18 daylight hunts)! Craig, when should I try to book my predator hunt? Last year, Lee Murphy & I called in and shot 7 coyotes […]

Bobcat Hunting Guides

Watching a bobcat coming to the call during daylight hours is something special. In Arizona, we are extremely blessed because we hunt and guide in an area which bobcats thrive. We are one of the the best bobcat hunting guide(s) in the world and we have the proof to back it up. Being one of the best daylight […]